Masterpiece... yes! Could it be better... ?

First, I would like to say ty to the devs and community that helped make this game a fact. Enjoyed the first Insurgency on steam and this one doesn't disappoint. There are a few things I would like to see worked on to help the game grow into the shooter of its time.

  1. Joining/rejoining games. I see many people that seem to express that this is a concern. Just another vote and QOL... can only seem to join a squad in lobby. If 1 person in your squad gets dropped or frozen everyone has to back out etc. Should be able to join at anytime provided server space and just start them spectator like everything else.

  2. Friendly fire. I don't feel it is penalized enough. That being said, I understand there are too many morons out that that like to walk infront of a line of fire without calling anything out. So perhaps increasing the damage taken by the individual that commits the act and a vote for timeout on the geniuses that like running in to a stream of friendly bullets. Also, commanders and calling artillery on a structure their team is holding... Ive seen no punishment for this yet. It should be an instant time out or kick IMO. Watched so many morons kill off half their squad in the first volley and then cry how they asked them to get inside. WHO CALLS ARTILLERY ON THEIR OWN STRUCTURE??? WTF OVER!!!

  3. The physics/velocity on a mass of actions.
    The sluggish speed of readying weapons from any firing position (moving or crouched) and impact of stamina. For an in shape war fighter?
    The recoil acting as if a 10 year old is firing?
    Prone position firing is ate up. Can't aim or shoot while low crawling or repositioning. Can't lean/quarter roll.
    Not being able to shoot while running? Sure it should destroy your shot groups but ffs.
    Sluggish reloads... they reload like a leisure day at the range for a first timer for most firearms.
    Does my character secretly want to die? He certainly doesn't seem to do things with a sense of urgency at all.
    Please invest in a decent army/marine/SF veteran tactics instructor and attach motion sensors to him while at a range. May help with your reload timing animations. Shouldering of weapon systems during multiple actions and stances. Maybe some ballistics tests too. It could cost a pretty penny to do it but in the end you have the data for this title and those to follow (more please XD). Ive personally used a lot of these firearm systems in the military. These functions are more hollywood bs than realistic. Check out Warpoetsociety or Black Rifle Coffee Company on youtube. They have some solid trained combat shooters.

I do appreciate this game which is why I've taken the time to even bother I suppose. I'm sure there are some gamers out there that don't want realism. They want fair. War isn't about fair. Its about creating the most disgusting advantage (within humane reasoning) and capitalizing on it. I want a decent tactics shooter that can help train mental clearing tactics and the sort. Thank you for the time and energy for creating this masterpiece and the chance to make some suggestions. Have a good one killers... Happy hunting!

Hello @XExZX,

Thanks for your feedback and kind words. I'll share this thread with the team and see what they think about the three points that you mentioned.