First of all I would like to apologize for my bad English besides maybe the post is a bit stupid but I like to dress my characters as if they were barbies xD

I have a great doubt, in the patch in which hellside was introduced one of the cosmetics that I bought at the time of purchase had a special feature

I refer specifically to the item ´´shell camo´´ together with the uniform camo ´´desert smear´´

Unfortunately I do not have photos of how it was before more than an ingame that quite covers the interface

I mean the stripes ´´ranger green´´ both in sleeves and arms that are noticed in the first photo

Buy this item because I found it was a nice and distinctive detail from others and when mixed with a pair of gloves that I bought the same color gave it a pretty cool touch

It happens that after the last update in September this item changed and it only had a single color (desert smear) and the ranger green stripes were lost

My question is: is this an intentional change or is it a mistake? I find it looks pretty bad now and ruin my load out):

I attach photos to show exactly what I mean

In the first photo you see how the item looked when you bought it, with the stripe in the color ranger green
alt text

And in the second and its current state in which it is a single color even):
alt text

and well, sorry for generating such a post for something so stupid but it was something that bothered me haha

Cheers (: