The Surge 2 NG+ Armor Bug (PS4)


There is a armor bug in NG+ and its annoying 😞
When I found the first med bay in jail and put on my gear, i realized that lower half of my chest armor is missing. Does anyone have the same problem? I hope that will be fixed.

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I'm about to start my NG+. I'll check out if this happens to me too.

Nice 🙂 Let me know if you have the same problem.

So, I started a NG+ today and I guess I was lucky because I didn't encounter this bug. I have all my armor. Hopefully it's sorted out soon for you.

Speaking of bugs, I actually leveled past 100 and even though more implant slots unlock they are actually not visible. You can equip implants blindly in the new slots but because they aren't visible you can't unequip them.

Has this occurred for you too?

EDIT: This has happened to others and has been raised since I wrote this.