Vasco's quest is bugged [Oriflamme]


The mission about the Oriflamme is buggy for me. I interacted with the orange lights on the ground, beat the monster, picked up the letter, but I still have the quest going on. I do not think I had a cinematic either (from what I saw on Youtube, it validates the quest). I go round in circles in the area, trying to debug the mission without success... I have to keep Vasco with me and I can't do the other companions' quests.

I don't really want to load a save from two days ago since I played many hours since then...

I'm desperate and it feels like I'm alone to have this bug... Thanks...

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Did you use any cheat, save modifier or installed any mod on your game ?

If not, could you please send us your save file.

You should find it here C:\Users\xxxxx\Documents\GreedFall using your File Explorer. We recommend making a manual save (with this type of name: save_xx-xx-2019_09-53-26.fsav) and sending it instead of sending an autosave file.

You can send the files to (please put a link to this thread in the mail to help us threat the problem faster).

Best Regards.

I am playing on PS4, gonna send my save file right now, please keep me updated 🙂

@Kaliya Also, what do you mean by "I go round in circles in the area" ? You could try walking back to the cave before that area, and maybe go back to talk to the admiral in New-Serene and see if it let you validate the quest there ?

@Focus_Victor said in Vasco's quest is bugged [Oriflamme]:

I tried it, it doesn't validate the quest when I go back to the Admiral (Vasco only says he found the wreckage but has nothing to report about it, yet. Something like that), it doesn't work either when I return in the cave then go back to the ship.

I go round in circles in the area trying to trigger a cutscene or interact with the wreckage, monsters on the ground,... again but nothing happens.

The PS4 patch didn't do anything for my problem... 😞

Hello @Kaliya
This is really odd. Would you mind sharing your saves with us once more with the current Patch on so we can take a look at it?

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Sure! I'm gonna do this, thanks

I ‘m having this exact problem. Any solution?

@Buchlaw They are unresponsive on here. I have the same problem.