Bug: Quest: Constantin's Fate- The Suffering of Constantin


I have been working through the game and really enjoy my time so far. I was working on this quest and I had destroyed all the Tenlans nest, however, the last next did not register that I destroyed it in the quest log. I have completed all the other parts for that quest and it won't update. There are no nests left to destroy. I am not sure how to solve this issue. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!

Usually I would load a previous save and try again. There are autosaves you probably can load a minute or more before you started destroying the nests.
If that doesn't work, because you have overwritten those, you can try to close the game and restart, to see if things changes.

It's important to create save flies frequently. Personally I always have two saves I work on continuously. I play a while and if things goes smooth I overwrite the OLDEST file. In that case I always have a fairly new save file and don't have to replay several hours.

If the same thing happens a second and third time I would call it a real bug and you should report it to the support team.

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When you say " the last next did not register that I destroyed it in the quest log " Are you talking about the nest in the cave ? as this nest is not part of this objective but part of another objective in that quest.

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Wait, the nest in the Gloomy Lair isn't part of the native healer quest??

So there might actually be another nest out there? But the quest marker is orange and on a villager... How do I find the last nest?