This game is so nice to be honest!

I coincidentally stumbled across Greedfall at a video game seller down town. I told him I played RPG's and was a bit bored lately. Well, he said, there's the new Greedfall game for you then? He showed me a trailer and I became interested.
Back home I found it on Steam and installed. I was fascinated right away. THIS was the real thing! RPG!

I haven't finished the game yet but I have to say this game is absolutely great! So many choices and consequences. The game world is so nice created with wonderful graphics with realistic light and beautiful constructed details. Not to mention the atmosphere created everywhere.
I think the voice actors was one of the reasons I was sold already from the start. I recognize a lot of them from other game and made me feel right at home.

I don't think I'm going to finish the game. Not this time. I'll start a new game just before the final chapter and play the entire story from scratch.

Here are some positive things I've encountered during play:

  • Very alive and realistic faces in dialogues. Especially the natives.
  • The facial expressions are perhaps some of the most REALISTIC I've seen so far. Never overexposed and Hollywood-like..
  • The protagonist is turning the head in the direction you look. A small but nice feature.
  • Long and describing explanations during dialogues and quests.
  • The characters are actually very strong and defined all the way through the game. Siora is adorable!
  • Serene and the cities on Teer Fradee are well made in architecture.
  • The choice of music is a pleasant surprise.
  • The voice actors a very good (I recognized many from other great games). They carry the characters very well.
  • The lightning is also really good. Especially in the open maps (woods, swamps etc.).
  • The story is plausible and doesn't fall apart anywhere.
  • The description of the natives and their relationships with nature is extremely well founded. Also the politics behind it and the cultural lines to our real world problematcis. There's clearly a message here.

There's a lot more I could mention, but I listed some of the things important to me personally.

I only have a single but: I find it a bit annoying when I constantly stumble into invisible graphics. especially at the map borders 😉

This is real RPG though. You have options and consequences and they work fine. I haven't encountered any bugs so far (second play-through).

If Spiders plan to create more games in this direction you have a fan!

PS. I'm on PC.

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