Hey guys and gals.

Thought of something that could be a very cool Co-Op Game mode. VIP or 13 Hours or something like that.

-3 Objectives (A,B,C)
-You start by Taking A and B like normal checkpoint.
-C has the VIP in it (Could be an AI or a player that has to wait.)

-Once you take C you and get the VIP (be careful not to frag the objective for VIP team Kill), you must move back to Extraction which is at original Spawn.

-Obj B first, Defend wait is 2 minutes then on to A which is a defend wait for 2 minutes.

-When you reach the extract, a helo or truck is on the way and it takes 3 minutes. Once you do that and the VIP does not die you complete the mission.

-The VIP can not be killed at any time during the mission.

Lets get some good ideas on this we might be able to make it happen.