Shell/Shell Camo clipping

I haven't tried other combinations, but the Soft Padding gloves seem to have a clipping issue on hands, where it goes through the Shell Camo sleeves. Probably happens with the normal Shell variant too, not sure about other hand items. To add, it only seems to happen in first person view, third person is fine.


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To add, with certain weapons & attachments it's not visible.

For example, M4A1 without the foregrip is fine:


Add the foregrip, you get this:


Additionaly, all pistols seem to have it too: 20190928175804_1.jpg

Seems to be the angle of the animations that doesn't reveal it. M870 appears fine.


...until you reload it: 20190928180137_1.jpg

That's a strap on the jacket, not the gloves clipping through
Insurgency Sandstorm Screenshot 2019.10.01 -


Thanks for the correction, I feel like such a goofus! You're a champ! ♥