Suggestion: Make Skirmish 1.5x XP gain

The title is self-explanatory. This is to increase player numbers in Skirmish.

People don't seem to want to play skirmish. Why keep bribing them?

@MLB7 We would if they didn't butcher the map sizes to Firefight sizes and not include 3 of the maps making it a 6 map playlist. The other main reason it's dead is they singled off the game types and made it so you can only Que for one. Before many players would play with all 3 modes ticked so anytime you qued for a given game type it pulled from a much greater pool of players.
TLDR: We liked it how it was, and the constant Skirmish games I would find at any given time of day pre 1.4 patch proved it.

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Well, when people have a choice they don't choose skirmish. That says some thing does it not?

I agree. I think harder game modes should give more experience to encourage people to try them and learn them. People who "farm XP" also always play the easiest mode.

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The Sandstorm gamers have a serious problem, they only play COOP, Push and the x3 XP boost game mode, what is this????

Never seen it before,

They killed Skirmish with this new MP system - that's what did it. RIP I:S