Suggested improvements for classes & loadouts

Following is a list of changes I would love to see in the game (as a frequent co-op and occasionally competitive player):

- Remove the Advisor class entirely.
The idea of having a separate class that exists purely because of 2 or more "exotic" primaries is honestly stupid both in concept and in practice. Anyone, no matter the class they are playing, should be able to create a character that revolves around the idea of a "foreign operator with a mutual agenda". This is already accomplished by picking different voice overs and uniforms. Hand over the Advisor's Mk17, L85A2, AKS-74U and Alpha AK to regular, much more useful classes such as Commander, Observer and Demolitions.

- Do something about the Rifleman class.
Currently Rifleman serves pretty much no purpose, unlike the Commander, Observer and Demolitions classes that get EXACT same loadouts besides unique pieces of equipment that are either necessary or helpful in winning the battle, and for some reason too few people realise this.
Give the Rifleman class more options, such as an option to carry the radio at the cost of 1 supply point or give it access to HE grenade launchers, just like you did back in Day of Infamy.

- Clean up the mess that is co-op loadouts.
With the addition of possibility to play as Insurgent forces in Checkpoint gamemode, there is no more need for the Security side to have access to Insurgents' weapons. This only makes the loadouts of both factions more messy and kills the immersion further, as if weirdly behaving bots were not enough. Same goes for the weapons attachments. Make the player feel like they are fighting for two different sides.

Personal nitpicks:

  • Change the designation of Mk 14 EBR to M39 / M39 EMR. They are visually similiar if not identical, but M39's action is semi-auto only, thus making it a much more suitable counterpart to SVD (which on its own is designated as sniper rifle rather than a battle rifle).
  • Change M249's default 200 rounds box to a pouch that holds 100 rounds instead. This will bring its performance much more on par with PKM, which is currently inferior in too many aspects to the SAW. The 200 rounds box would be still available as a weapon upgrade.

I don't like these suggestions. It could become an option though to select in Co-op if the factions only get their own weapons or all of them.

Advisor: Unlike the common classes in PVP Advisor gets Suppressors and Flashbangs. This is a good way to limit them. Also none of the Advisor weapons can equip a Smoke Launcher. Giving these weapons to the common classes would make less people use Smoke Launchers.

Rifleman: Rifleman gets the very useful SMOKE LAUNCHER just like Commander and Observer. This is why Rifleman is more useful than you think. Rifleman also uniquely gets Bipods. Of course Commander and Observer slots should be filled first though.

CO-OP Security weapon choises: I don't think it's immersion breaking if Security uses lets say AKs in Co-op. It could become an option though to select in Co-op if the factions only get their own weapons or all of them. Both factions could be played with only own weapons or all weapons.

M14: Why should the factions weapons work similarly? AKM's counterpart M16 doesn't work similarly either. Semi-auto M14 would be a worse weapon than SVD. SVD does more damage per shot and weights less.

M249: You must be joking. PKM is already better than M249, because it kills with one shot to chest and can be sniped with. With M249 you have to shoot in bursts to be effective.

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