Saving MudRunner game on PC


Sorry if the subject has been already covered... Is there any Save manager for MudRunner, in order to keep a map in a given situation, and be able to reload it afterwards if you fail ? Such an utility existed for Spintires, but I can't find any for MudRunner...
It would be so hepful, without need to go in the AddData/Roaming/Spintires folder to save manually what you need.

@dives323 The game saves every time you exit a level. It says so on the exit message. From what I've seen there's also a periodic auto-save.

There isn't an option to save manually and then not save when exiting. I don't mind at all. In fact I like it because it puts more pressure on you not to screw up. Reloading every time you screw up would make the game easier and more boring.

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