NGP and subtitles

Hi, first of all I apologize for my bad English.

1> My advice is to add an NGP mode to be able to relive the game with its own characteristics.
It would be more "convenient" if once the main campaign ended there was the possibility: either to go directly to the new game plus, or give the opportunity to explore the world and complete the quests for "collectibles" (documents and camps)

2> Please add the possibility to enlarge the subtitles and change the color,
that for those who have a TV attached to the wall and distant it is difficult to read them sometimes.

3> Despite having made all the secondary missions of the team by obtaining a friendly rapport, I have not succeeded, through dialogues, in having a love affair with anyone how is it possible? Maybe it's a bug? Or did I do something wrong? (PS4)

Thanks for your attention


To get access to a romance option, you must do all 3 companion quests of a companion, and then talk with them (one of the dialog option will have a little heart for special romance dialogs).

You must choose the right choice in every single romance dialog, and not miss any.

There is a known issue if you perform those dialogs while inside of a player house. Please make sure to do those dialogs when outside of the players houses to make sure you don't trigger the bug.

Best Regards.