Bug: Aphra romance won't trigger

PS4 player here. I completed all of Aphras side quests, got her up to Friendly, took all the right dialogue options, and yet no conversation triggers no matter when and where I speak to her (I even reloaded a previous save and redid her last conversation to make sure).

I did manage to get Vasco to flirt with me though, however he is not my type.


Aphra being straight, are you playing as a male or female character ?

Also, are you certain that you chose all the right choices in the flirting dialogs ? some of those options might "seems" right but you should have gotten 3 dialogs that gave you increased reputation with her.

Also, there is actually a known issues with romances, where if you do the last dialog in your house in any of the cities, it will stop the romance cutscene from playing, did you tried having that last conversation from outside of the player houses ?

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@Focus_Victor Sorry, I should have posted more details. I am indeed playing a male De Sardet, and I did use the 3 dialogues that give me a +2 rep with her. I completed her quests, exhausted her dialogue, and spoke to her outside the De Sardet residence but the final romance dialogue fails to trigger (where she asks to meet at your residence). I even tried reloading a save from 10 hours ago to repeat her final conversation (I even used a guide) but no luck.

I had same with Kurt, but all i had to do was going to the bedroom in any of the city homes 🙂

@KaptainKatler97 could you please then send us your save file ?

You should find it here C:\Users\xxxxx\Documents\GreedFall using your File Explorer. We recommend making a manual save (with this type of name: save_xx-xx-2019_09-53-26.fsav) and sending it instead of sending an autosave file.

You can send the files to support@focus-home.com.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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