Community Update #1: Patch 1 Beta Branch (PC)

Hello Renaigse,
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Thank you everyone for helping us pinpoint bugs and issues in the past few weeks. Our team is still working on a new patch aiming to fix them. As we want to provide you with the best patch possible, we chose to first open it to volunteers who would like to test it.

If you choose to try out the Beta patch, please get in touch with us and share your views on this new update.

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⚠ If you want to try out this patch, we HIGHLY recommend creating a backup of your local saves in Documents/GreedFall.

⚠ Once you’ve tried it out, please remember that saves created in this new branch can’t load anymore once you have gone back to the main branch. This also goes for your user settings as they will be reset once you go back to the main branch.

To get access to the new beta branch, you can head to your library and right-click on GreedFall -> Properties -> Beta -> Choose the branch “next_patch”.

You can already get a first glimpse at our changelog by checking out this post we published earlier this week. Once the patch is out, we will publish a detailed changelog.

Thank you again! We can’t wait to see you on Teer Fradee!

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is this patch live? I've got everything set on Steam for this. Yet still can't find Cera to advance the main quest. All other quests are done I just have Enter Vinbarrs sanctuary on "find constatine" and then find cera/enter vinbarrs sanctuarty on a cure for the malicore. Go to the village where Cera is supposed to be and nothing. nada zilch. she's not there. I go back to the root door and De Sarde says i need two seeds. maybe I should go to teh village and talk to Cera...head back to the village and the quest symbol is there but no Cera.......If I can't do this part then I'm SOL and the game is dead for me.

Testing the Mage build now. ^ ^ Will edit and update this
In Serene, if I swap the Sailor uniform to Kurt's to Lockpick a chest then put Sailor uniform back on again, Nauts will attack me. Will try to not fight Cera