remove friendly fire and the kick vote from the game asap

unplayable because of toxic retarded people

FF has existed across the INS Mod, INS2, DOI, and now INS:S. Friendly fire isn't going anywhere.
Whether or not that's fortunate is anybody's guess, however I don't mind it.

After the first TK, it's also near impossible for harassment to continue as a result of damage reflect. If somebody accidentally (or intentionally) killed you, then that was their one shot to do so. Unless griefers are coordinating with other people, being killed by that person again is near-impossible.

As far as votekicking goes, I haven't encountered much abuse. For an actual vote to start, it requires three separate people to open a menu and actively select a specific person before an open vote is initiated. Full servers in PVP won't usually kick someone unless they're last man standing and not doing anything that can be interpreted as playing the objective. As far as coop goes, unless you encounter griefers, they don't usually kick either.

remove it or unplayable

Maybe you should find another game to play if that makes the game unplayable for you.

Yah, friendly fire is rather central to the identity of Insurgency. If that really makes the game unplayable and that isn't hyperbole or trolling, you should probably play something else.

Keep Friendly Fire but the Vote system is being abused... If you do not play the way people want you too they just vote kick you for AFK/IDLE .... I can see kicking some people who take commander and run in on Hot areas or Observers who do not shadow the commander that is a waste.