XP level still wrong after the bug two weeks ago


Regarding the experience level bug that happened about two weeks ago - while I was playing, my level got up to 9999, and then down to -1. My initial level was 230 and competitive rank (I'm not sure if it was effected as well) was Platinum 3.

A day after, my level was 450. I kept on playing in hope it'll somehow be fixed, but it didn't, and now I'm level 470.

I know you were working on a fix for that, and most of my friends did got their correct levels back, but for some reason I haven't.

If it's possible to roll it back, I'd much rather keep my (well earned) initial level, or have it at 250, given the experience I've gained since it changed.

Any help will be much appreciated,

Hello @mirtiger,

Thanks for reaching out to us. Can you post your Steam ID here? I'll pass it on to the team.