Magic ring mess up I need help

For some reason my magic ring only fires a single shot now. I am level 26 and have ring of divine light 231 power. At first I thought it was the ring, but I switch back to the one I have and it still does the same thing. I tried switching it to melee weapon ANB slots and it still does the same thing. I used to shoot three off before it was slow down, now I can only fire one magic Ray and have to wait for it the land before I can set off another one. Does anyone know what this issue is?

I am primarily magic and just takes forever for me to fight now I don't know what happened


Thank you for reporting this problem!

We are aware of that issue and it will be fixed in the next patch.

For now, we recommend not taking "Ranged shadow impact" and waiting to have 2 points and taking both "Ranged shadow impact" and "Whirlwind of shadows" at once, as having both will resolve the issue.

If you have the issue, you can fix it by taking the next skill point in line ("Whirlwind of shadows") or using a memory crystal (those drops from guardians, the big bosses that you find either in the main quest or sometime roaming around.).

Sorry you’re experiencing issues with the game.

Best Regards.