Some of the problems with the Galil (or why the Galils are a terrible addition to the game)

There are a number of issues with both the Galils as they stand. So here is a list of just the ones that I have noticed:-

  1. The recoil is way too high, especially for the SAR; doubly so for a gun firing 5.56mm ammo. The gun has the recoil of a Battle Rifle while firing an intermediate caliber and, in one case, not even being a LMG.

  2. The SAR is miscategorised as a LMG and is implemented as just a worse version of the ARM. The SAR doesn't actually take a bipod, nor is it used as a LMG anywhere. Not only that, the gun is also not unique in any way, just acts like a worse version of the Insurgent ARM, making it feel like a very poor choice and an overall terrible addition to the game.

  3. The foregrip both prevents the gun from being used in as a gunner weapon and promotes players picking the Gunner just to run around using the Galil like a rifleman. It's the double whammy of poor additions where the attachment both prevent the gun from being used properly and actively promotes it being used poorly.

  4. The magazine is wrong; the Galil doesn't have 50 round drum mags, it instead uses 50 round box mags. The one place where the super long extended magazine model would have fit is the one place where it's not present.

The overall impression one gets from the Galils, especially the SAR is that of poorly thought out and badly implemented weapons; a rushed copy paste job where the guns from the previous game where just thrust into the new game without bothering to update them or see if they work well within the game.

The whole idea of giving parity to the sides seems like an excuse to justify adding in copy pasted weapons instead of making each of the weapons unique. AFAIK; no one asked for such forced parity, and few, if any, actually enjoy seeing the uniqueness of guns being removed for it's sake.


  1. (&2) Change the SAR; either give both sides the ARM and actually implement the SAR properly as a breacher or Rifleman weapon, or just change the caliber to 7.62mm so that the SAR at least has something to show for it's stats.

  2. Remove the foregrip as an attachment from both guns. It has no use when actually using the guns as Gunner weapons, and all it does is promote people hogging the Gunner spot and then proceeding to play as a Rifleman.

  3. Swap the drum mag model for the extended magazine model. This is the one place where the freakishly long extended magazine model fits in really well; it just needs to be switched to that.

Honestly, fuck NWI. They have no clue what the fuck they are doing.