How to unlock Pre-Order DLC?


Only a couple hours to go before you can grab your weapon and start chopping.
We’re happy to share with you a guide on how to unlock your Pre-Order bonuses.


This DLC includes the following elements:

  • Warren’s Well-Used Cutter
  • URBN Gear Set
  • URBN Judgement Axe
  • URBN Skimmer Drone
  • LootScan.exe Radar Module
  • Online Message Icon

Keep in mind that you will not be able to access all DLC elements immediately, even if the DLC is properly installed. First, you need to:

  • finish the first level, and
  • interact with a medbay to unlock the drone.

To find Warren’s weapon and URBN Gear set, please follow these steps:

Warren's Well-Used Cutter

Warren’s Well-Used Cutter can be found in a chest located in the Stranger’s underground hideout. When you have your EMP drone, you can use the door under the broken bridge in Downtown Jericho City to access the area.


URBN Cerberus

To unlock the URBN Gear Set, you first need to find enemies equipped with this armor set. Just like looting other armor and weapons, you need to target this special enemy’s body parts and chop them off to get your Pre-Order bonuses.
Below are the locations where you can find this special enemy.


There are two enemies in the back street next to the lift in downtown. One of them is in front of a dead end, while the other one is in a building that you can access by climbing the stairs.


Another special enemy can be found in the orange tent in downtown, near the entry of Gateway Bravo.


The last one awaits you in front of the first Scanner Gate that is located in downtown Jericho City.


will this dlc be available to purchase like the creo kit from the first game i preordered the limited edition from ebgames but got cheated and never received a code from them

Hi, I pre ordered the game but still got no dlc, I did pre order it through an online retailer but they guarantee pre order dlcs, I did receive the key and preload the game before launch and I have never had any problems with them regarding pre order dlcs prior to this

Hello @Fudeus_
What platform do you play the game on, please?

I have the same problem here with retailer not giving out dlc codes. I even went back but they told me they have no dlc codes even though i pre ordered the game.

Hello, I have also preordered online from for the ps4 copy but I haven’t seen any email from amazon with the key.

Hi, i'v preordered the game on steam, i did manage to get the armor but, when i'm in front of warren's chest i can't open it ^^ !
thx for the help ^_^
[alt text]20190927181837_1.jpg

I was able to get a resolution by sending an email from the support page at

I have the DLC, but I can't seem to get the prompt to open the chest for Warren's Cutter. Do I need something to be able to open that chest?

Well i get the same i pre order it in poland on PS4 with a retailer, and there was no code in a game box which came to me.

I also did not get the dlc code from my retailer, and i preorder it on 23 august.

PlayStation store all the way down to redeem a code. It unlocks as you progress in the game. I have finished chapter 3 and I have all of em

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