I am totally new to this forum and browsed through other sub-forums and it seems this is the correct place to post suggestions, so here goes:

  • I have quite a few class load outs being set up and it just happens to be the case where the load out I made most recently always went to the bottom of the load out list rather than the top; so to swap to some more recent load outs I have to scroll all the way to the bottom; therefore I am thinking is it possible to make the load out list sorted by most recent access instead? Alternatively the entire load out list can be made drag and drop, so the player can re-arrange the load out list however he or she wishes.

  • Could the class load out names be made to become editable after initial creation just like the player appearance presets?

  • Could both the player appearance presets and class load outs be made to become editable after initial creation? Taking class load out as an example: after the player modifies the current load out and is satisfied with it, a new load out can be created out of the current transient load out; however, the player doesn't seem to be allowed to edit this existing load out after initial creation; only the current transient load out can be edited and potentially saved as a brand new load out.

  • The preview screen of class load out could be made to preview all the scopes (reticles, and 3-d models as if the player sees through the scope in first person).

Thank you for taking the above suggestions into consideration and hopefully make it into the upcoming updates.