A Comprehensive List of AI Issues, as Requested by Devs

Enemies operating the technical's machine gun acquire you much too quickly. You have no chance to peek around a corner because they seemingly automatically lock onto you.

After capturing an objective, enemies will often be right on top of where respawning players are, killing them immediately while they are unprepared. Enemies need to spawn away from any player spawn point, creating at least a temporary 'safe zone'.

Similarly, after capturing an objective enemies will not universally retreat. Often enemies will remain nearby instead of moving to the next point, killing you as you scavenge the area that you just spent time and effort defending. This feels cheap. Enemies should fall back more uniformly to avoid this.

Enemies don't really play to their roles. Gunners and marksmen, for example, push into the buildings the same as a breacher or rifleman. It would make for a better experience and a more immersive one to place these boys further back in a support role while decreasing their accuracy to compensate. Then players have to work to remove a gunner that is suppressing them or a Marksman that will eventually acquire them instead of simply being rushed by them like every other enemy type.

The AI seems to cook grenades in a way that makes them sometimes impossible to throw back or get away from. This is fine in PvP, but against the AI feels cheap.

AI that get near a technical prioritize it too highly. They will avoid shooting at enemies, seeking cover, or doing anything else to survive in order to get in the gunner seat. This is compounded by their rapid acquisition with the HMG, making them essentially lock on if you can't stop them.

The AI would feel more lively if they more frequently communicated, using lines from the communication wheel and intimidating a bit more than currently.

As the wave defending an objective retreats, another spawns and immediately attacks. sometimes they even spawn on top of, or just behind an objective, in areas previously cleared. This is worse in Hillside and Precinct from what I've seen.

The AI is also incredibly inconsistent with its aim. Sometimes you'll be standing out in the open spraying like a madman and they'll never hit you other times they walk backwards around a corner you're camping and immediately one tap you in the head with no aim. They're like red orchestra bots, criminally stupid but sometimes infuriatingly accurate.

Their targeting is inconsistent. I'm starting to think that certain bots lock onto certain players and prioritize them over everyone else. Perhaps this is to spread out who's attacking who but it simply allows certain players to never get attacked while others are gunned down mercilessly, depending on whatever script makes them only target certain players

The AI are scripted to rush objectives and hide in certain sneaky but very predictable locations. This is okay. It'd be better if they had more options and also if they could camp other buildings. But as of now they either path directly onto an objective or hide inside it.

I can't say for sure what's different or if it's just the map design but the best maps to play hardcore checkpoint on right now are Outskirts, Ministry, and Farmhouse

The AI should be more talkative, probably when there's only one player left. Get a little bit of an advantage to balance it out. More taunting and general tactical chat.
AI will see through cover/walls and as such slowly adjust their fire to shoot through those walls and get headshots. This is a problem when seemingly solid cover (eg sandbags) can be seen through and shot through during a static defense. I’ve had this happen multiple times in the hardcore insurgent Summit and security Hideout bridge defenses.

Bots with higher magnification optics should take longer to aim.

Bots can enter any part of the technical if near the vehicle, not even in the seat itself.
AI will keep firing after you go behind cover, but will seemingly ‘track you’ even if you move behind it instead of blind firing.

Lower turning speed when in the turret of the Technical, as it realistically would take much more time to maneuver.

PLEASE feel free to add any others and hopefully a dev will see this.

This game has broken bots with instant kills, x-ray vision, fireproofing, shooting bullets in directions they are not facing, no hit registration, spamming grenades with perfect accuracy, floating around in the air, invisibility.

I am pretty sure that they will never be fixed, the bots have been broken for months now.

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Thanks for taking the time to put this together @Demotic . Good stuff.

After the last livestream it seemed coop was surprisingly more popular than they thought it would ever be. Hopefully this means more time will be spent on improving it especially before console release.

@Demotic said in A Comprehensive List of AI Issues, as Requested by Devs:

Lower turning speed when in the turret of the Technical, as it realistically would take much more time to maneuver.

Ouhhhhh xD love when bots do this, lol. Yeah this should be fixed.

Hey @Demotic Thanks for this list of AI issues. We really appreciate that.
I'll send it to the team, so they can look into this.

If you have other AI issues that are not included in this list, please let us know.


Thank you! I really appreciate it.

One thing I've noticed(especially now that the Hardcore bots have the new third person animations) is a lot of the time it seems like enemies will shoot you before they've stopped sprinting or turning to face you. They'll still have their gun towards the sky on your screen but then shoot you anyways.

@chaton said in A Comprehensive List of AI Issues, as Requested by Devs:

Hey @Demotic Thanks for this list of AI issues. We really appreciate that.
I'll send it to the team, so they can look into this.

If you have other AI issues that are not included in this list, please let us know.

Canned response : you said the same thing about the OTHER long and highly detailed AI Issues thread that's been kept alive since ALPHA.

You're not sending them a damn thing if they're not working on AI.

If the developers cared about the broken bots they would have been fixed months ago.

they dont care, and I will tho in they dont even play the game or they would see it

For those of you saying they don't care -- my Steam discussion of the same name with the same list of bugs was responded to by Mikee and send to NWI's AI programmer. Have a little faith. These things take time. Contribute with something helpful and constructive, please.


I don´t want to dissapoint you buddy, but many of those A.I. issues have been reported in the past by different community members and even my post from July 2019 which was sent to some NWI developer by @chaton didn´t change anything.

Same old A.I. bugs still exist and the COOP players constantly get ignored when reporting them.

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I would choose the current style of the AI ​​implementation, if it were my intention to permanently decimate the player base in coop mode.

Developers may find it attractive to incorporate pseudo-difficulties and thus create the illusion of a challenge.

This is the classic wood path.

One should be clear about one thing: if a sweater scratched unpleasantly even at one point, you will not want to wear it permanently - because it is not plausible to torture yourself with something like that.

Developers should really think firstly about the plausibility of all actions and reactions of AI. Nobody wants to deal permanently with nonsense.

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Holy fucking shit!

I remember writing a big list of similar suggestions for the AI here in forums back in 2018 (!) and no one from dev team ever responded. Why do you even have this forum?

These things take a lot of time? Get the mod tools working and modders will take care of these.

is it me or ,,,the higher lvl you are the harder it is to stay alive!

@Goldfinger It is not just you. Thank you for the post though. Me and a friend of mine see the same thing.

I don't even know if it's just level. I think they hunt anyone with a decent K:D ratio or high accuracy.

I'll have a few good games, watch my stats climb, and then spend the next dozen games getting one-shot from across the map, blown up by magic grenades from invisible enemies, or burned to death by high-speed molotov comets from across the map. The enemy isn't above spawn camping, either - they seem to enjoy it.

Hey devs, your AI is too powerful. Do you want a terminator? Because this is how you get a terminator.