Romance cutscene never triggers

Im playing through steam on PC. I've gone down all the right options for a Siora romance and it gets to the point where she asks for some alone time and i say come find me outside my room the next time we are at the house and nothing ever triggers. Ive seen reddit posts and steam discussions posts with other people having the same issue, it seems to happen if you're in the house when this dialogue option comes up. The romance story was really what got me through the bulk of the main story until things started getting way interesting. I've finished the game but without seeing how that romance plays into it im a little disappointed, i really hope this can be something thats patched and i can go back and complete the last quest and see for myself, youtube videos dont have quite the same impact for me.

Great game i loved it, everyone involved should be proud!

I haven't played so far yet, but I surely hope it's a bug only at your end because the romance options was one of the reasons I bought the game!

Apart from that I agree: This game surprised me. It went under my radar until a shopkeeper told me about it. I have to say this game is pure quality.

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I might have the same bug on Xbox One with Vasco. Talked to him in my house in New Serene. Still fairly early in the game though. Will try again later. Maybe in a different house


There is a known issue where the romance cinematic does not play out if the rendez-vous/date was accepted while already in the bedroom. This will broke the trigger and won't let you do the end of the romance.

The issue have been transfered to the devs and is looked into.

If you want to continue without waiting for the bug to be fixed, you can reload a save prior to accepting the date and do that dialog from outside the house, then go into the bedroom and get the cinematic.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I'm just glad its being looked at, i will wait patiently for a patch if it can be patched. If not ill eventually replay just like ive replayed bioware games multiple times. Thanks for responding!