Please Bring Back Ground Battle.

Ground Battle was an excellent merging of two very similar modes that played well off of each other and shared a similar audience.

I applaud NWI for separating Skirmish and Firefight, as both modes are becoming increasingly dissimilar and have different playerbases.

But that's not the case with Frontline and Push. Frontline is essentially a two way Push. Even if people prefer to play Push, the option to occasionally break it up with Frontline(a new mode to boot) is good to have.

Currently, Frontline has 0 players. Part of this is because of the triple XP weekend for Skirmish and Firefight, but even before then it was circling the drain. It won't stand on its own. But as a part of something greater, alongside Push, it can really shine and be incredibly fun. I can't imagine anyone who is already queueing exclusively for Push would stop doing that because Frontline was a part of it.

So please bring back Ground Battle, NWI.

Frontline is hands down my favorite mode so far when it comes to PvP, seeing the low player count hurts.