Tex Streaming issue ???

Ok maybe a Dev can explain how I can have the Tex Streaming off and have 45 -60 ( I locked my FPS at 60 ) and only 20 ms latency but if I turn on tex Streaming I get the same numbers but I have BAD micro stutters. Not a a few but the whole time I have it turned on ... Now before people want system spec and such this is not my 1st game I am a long time Gamer and have Tested many AAA games. We all have seen those post of people talking about poor performance and micro stutters. Just seems odd that something that should help Cards that are not $2000 play with out an issue ( well maybe a few issues ). I hope a DEV has some incite ...

Please submit your DXdiag report so we can take a look at your PC specifications. Also if you have multiple harddrives, please specify on which one the game is installed on.

Here it is .... Like I said frame rate and latency stay the same on or off but on tex Streaming I get the same numbers but I have BAD micro stutters And it seems odd changing the Tex streaming from low to high does nothing at all . If I use the auto setting for the video it makes the setup worse.. Let me know if you can see the log file ..
The game is on the E:Game Drive through Steam.

I have been playing with the Tex file all blurred and well having fun but like I would like .. This setup plays many other games like Squad and Arma and the Original Insurgency with max graphics.


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Could you please also specify what exactly are you toggling on and off for the "texture streaming" ?
The in-game Texture Streaming Pool settings means how much memory it allows just for textures, so OFF means unrestricted rather than disabled.

Your PC is also below minimum hardware requirements as stated on Steam Store page and you are loading the game from WD Green which is 5400RPM drive. Any additional disk activity from any other app will disturb texture streaming functionality.

"texture streaming" High or Low ( no difference in Texture files) 60 FPS 20.50 ms smooth game play blurry texture's --- "texture streaming" Off 60 FPS 20.50 ms micro stutters all while moving Textures look GREAT. That drive is only running game no other programs. And I understand that by the Game System Hardware requirements my system is no were near what you guys want ( If I had 2 grand I could update ) .. It is just odd that High or Low settings makes no difference but in both the FPS and ms are consistent .The auto setting does not seem to help at all it make the play worse. I will move the game to a 7200 drive with nothing else on it. I play Insurgency the 1st game and Squad all the time and they run fine with this system and I love the direction you guys are going with this game just the system requirements well for an average gamer are very step. I am 50 years old and a Disabled Volunteer fireman unlike most gamer fixed income I can't every 2 months update my vid card or CPU. I will be updating my CPU to a FX 8350 which is in spec but the Vid card I have heard people with even RTX cards having issue's .. And trust me as I said I know my system does not meet your specs but odd the Frame Rate does not change with the settings just the addition of micro stutters. With out texture I play the game and it is fun no lag no issue other then my being stupid and running into enemy's LOL ..

I think it's because your GPU's VRAM is too low with 1GB, even though the gpu is competent enough.

If you still wanna try, you can try editing the Engine.ini file located at C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Insurgency\Saved\Config\WindowsClient

Add this at the end

where X=size in MB

Delete or move the previous Engine.ini file if you have been trying tweaks like this. Try values from 50 to 400 in increments of 50 or lower with "Low" texture quality setting. Set everything else low as well. If this seems to work well enough, you can try using "Medium" quality. However, I think you will face stutters due to lack of VRAM in both cases. For reference, I play with Nvidia GT 820M which is a weaker GPU than yours but has a VRAM of 2GB. The game runs at around 30 fps (lower or higher depending on scenes) relatively smooth.

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I agree the GPU ram is low but that does not explain the settings having the same FPS and ms returns. One would think if the ram was low the FPS would drop with the Tex files loading. That is what I am trying to see what the devs have to say.

As I said even switching between low and high on the Tex Streaming setting does nothing and the FPS and ms return stay identical but the micro stuttering. And the Auto setting turns on settings that should be set to low with my card but it turns them to high like I would think it would use FXXA but it turns on the highest setting which would tax a vid card. As I said I know my setup is not ideal but and I know I should not compare but a game like Squad with larger maps and graphics just as detailed if not more runs smooth with my setup at 60 FPS ( Locked ). I should have known when preferd was a SSD hard hard-drive that the Devs were looking to high end PC'c for this game.

We all know PC's are always on the move with new GPU's and CPU's but most of the Gamer's out there are still on a platform as I am and many Big Gaming Company's keep that in mind but warn of the future. Here they are making for the future and well most have gone back to the 1st game. I am looking to upgrade but Disability makes income tight and reading I hear people with 8 gig Nivdia cards even are still having issue's. I have been a Nivida fan for years and will always be 🙂 lol ... I will try your ideal Duck but will see what the Devs say other then my PC is below there Requirements even though the Cpu and GPU can handle it

So ARC no further info from the Company side on the issue ... As I said steady FPS and MS return just stuttering with the Textures ... And I tested it is not due to harddrive activity ... Just seeing if any new info ...