Companions need a buff in higher difficulties

So I am playing the game for the first time on Extreme and I love the companions but it is very disappointing that in every fight both companions die in under about ten seconds. They are wearing the best gear possible for my current level but it is their lack of defense combined with the increased damage the basic mobs do that results in their quick demise. It really detracts from the experience as they die EVERY fight and there is no way I can help that doesn't make the fight harder on myself. I would like to see some kind of damage reduction buff on the companions so they behave closer to the normal difficulty while keeping the difficulty the same (extreme) for the player.

I agree with this. I'm only on hard difficulty, and unless I'm overpowering a group, my allies are dead within seconds. As the player character, with my current gun based build, I can easily shoot down every monster I've come across with ease, without having taken much damage, but the idea of my companions being useless in comparison, and soloing fights seems off putting.

I want to make it clear, I don't think this ruins the game . I am loving playing Greed Fall. I just wanted to point out this singular issue in hopes that it might be patched to provide a better experience. Right now I am very early in the game yet I already feel like there is no point caring what weapons or armor my companions have because if they cannot block or dodge then they will always die in 2-5 hits meaning they are out of the fight in less than a minute and don't actually contribute to the outcome. A big portion of this game is the importance of your companions except at higher difficulties (Hard and Extreme) they are reduced to only a cinematic relevance.