Additional CADPAT Camouflage variants

Hey I was wondering if it was possible to get the other two CADPAT Camouflage variants since we already have CADPAT TW (Temperate woodland) in the game.

I was hoping we could get CADPAT AR (Arid regions) Since that would be better suited in the arid regions most of the games maps are set in and I was also hoping we could get CADPAT WO/WA (Winter Operations or Winter/Arctic) to wear on the new Hillside map since desert camo and woodland camo standout clear as day in the snow.


Edit: The Canadian Armed Forces is currently working on replacing CADPAT TW with a new CADPAT Camo:

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issue with getting too close to it is that I believe they would have to get licenses for it. That would realistically never happen.