Opinions on the new UI and other points. (Possibly unpopular opinion)

I really didn't see a reason for this new UI change. The original actually worked really well. You could choose which games modes you would like to queue for, selecting and deselecting to your needs. You could also stay in the post game menu, queue for another game, go back to the main menu to change your cosmetics or loadouts, and add players to your party without any trouble.
On top of that, the original queue system was undoubtedly more useful than this new monstrosity. For example, if players were leaving your game because they were losing, the queue would put players who had just finished a match into your game to fill the spots. The only problem with this was joining games that were almost finished, or completely over (to the point that you would queue, load into the game, and be instantly sent back to the post match screen because the game literally just ended).
But now, if players leave, the only new players that will be filling those empty spots, are ones who are loading in fresh from the main menu. What this means, is you have servers that are running stagnant because one team is full and the other has like 1 or 2 players.

Im my completely honest opinion, this new queue system NEEDS to be rewound back to the original until you guys have a properly working and efficient update.

Another thing I'd like to point out, is that this queue update probably took a considerable amount of coding time to get a somewhat working system. The fact that the game desperately needs a lot more polishing in other key areas, and you spend your time on this? It really makes me question the future for this game.

Please! Listen to your veteran players who have played 500+hrs! We actually have a grasp on what needs changing! And I do understand that you like to consider all suggestions from all players, but players with under 100hrs, who are coming to the forums and asking for these ridiculous changes, are not worth your time!

Another point that I wanna bring up, is that you have two completely different communitie, COOP and PvP, tugging at you to fix each of there games. How do you balance this when both gamemodes have pending, but drastically different issues? It seems like a priority issue to me.

I recently watched Jackfrags video on the Beta version of Sandstorm. He mentioned that there was a lot of things that needed to be resolved and rethought, polished, etc. and that there was only a month before the game was scheduled to fully release. He said that it's not like the devs have 6 months of dev time to fix the issues. Looking back now, a lot of these points he mentioned, have not ben fixed.

Here is the video: https://youtu.be/ibRLshEcosU (Timestamp 5:45)

The new queue system may have what you describe as "disadvantage", that less populated games don't get filled that easily, but at the same time it comes with the advantage that people already in a game actually don't need to fill these slots either. I always felt it was a disavantage to be thrown back into the menu and not being able to continue playing, especially on a good game. Even though you describe it, you seem to forget that people DO NOT WANT to fill the slot in the game that already started and may very well be over soon, with them in the losing slot. This is a clear advantage now. Servers dying because people leaving is nothing new, you cannot change that, and i don't believe NWI should program around people's behavior to fix it.

And thankfully, NWI listens to everyone. There are alot of issues that need fixing, at times i'm frustrated myself, believing this or that should have been fixed months ago, and i absolutely dislike the distinction of normal and hardcore which further splits the community (and doesn't help filling slots), and both modes don't give me what i want in a perfect game either (normal is too fast, hardcore is so slow it feels stupidly artificial), but i realize the game will never be the way i want it in all its details, so i'm counting on mods to give me more variety and to get the game to the niche where i want to play. I'm so excited about the possibilities, all thanks to NWI. A little more patience, and we will get far more than what we have right now. And for you, @CatNipples: Take your energy and build a mod. 😉

In the end, back to the topic: what would be better is to not discriminate between winners and losers at the end in terms of points. This is what gets people leaving servers, because of a stupid, fun-destroying psycho metagame of earning points to level up and stuff to put on. At least it's that way in COOP, i rarely play versus so don't actually know but don't try to pay attention to it either and enjoy the game above all else.