Lack of materials blocks further progress

In Chapter XII (12) when one is trying to escape from Hugo's room and the rat tornado is blocking your path, it seems the only way forward is to create a ignifer and use, the problem is that I do not have sufficient materials to do that. Tried other approaches like running and lighting fires, but the rat tornado always takes Lucas no matter what.
So what now? Can I restart the chapter and the materials I had at the beginning will be back, which I will use less of in my second try? Or do I need to restart the complete game? Or is there some better solution on how to get out from Hugo's room, when one cannot create Ignifer?
Since there is no previous save to return to, it feels like I am stuck for sure... very sad... what to do??

Hello @TrueMrWalker
This bug has been fixed in one of our patches. Would you mind making sure you downloaded all the last updates?
Have a great one! I hope you are having a blast playing the game!

I thought the same thing playing on the latest patch until I realized that you did not have to make Luminosa to pass and could just use Ignifers instead. I wasted a good bit of Luminosa at that part.