Weapon draw time (title changed so it wont trigger more people)

I noticed that lowering weight does very little to increase the players ability to go from sprint to shooting.
You should be able to shoot faster from sprint depending on how low weight you have.

The aiming time could stay the same for balancing reasons but it happens too much that i see an enemy while running, let go of sprint and press fire and then just wait for a few days while the character considers shooting while getting mowed down.

Most of the time i of course stop sprinting way before anything dangerous but in frontline this problem got more noticeable.
I also mean just like a half a second faster, dont want to turn this game into run and gun.

Also if you hit aim while sprinting you will start aiming however if you hit FIRE you wont do anything.

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Low weight running and gunning happens too much already. That playstyle does not need a buff. Be more aware of your surroundings and stop running in time so you can shoot faster.

@Action83 That`s what a reply looks like when someone doesnt read the post.

Also i dont think i have ever seen anyone really running and gunning in this game (500 hours), given that there`s hundreds of camp spots so that kind of people get mowed down really fast and they learn their lesson. The point here was that the draw time is slightly too slow which feels kinda unbalanced.

They should add this as a question for the next community survey.

The shooting speed isn't a problem unless you've a bad habit of running too much.

Also you're suggesting adding another benefit to low weight. Low weight is already much better than heavy weight (mostly because armors are next to useless though). Why would only low weight need this buff?

@Action83 said in Let me shoot faster with less weight pls:

The shooting speed isn't a problem unless you've a bad habit of running too much.

I said i dont have that literally in the first post. I walk like im in counter strike most of the time. And most people dont have the problem either.
The problem is the random surprise campers that seem to pop up the second you press sprint, allowing the player to shoot around 0.5 seconds faster would allow the player sprinting to react to the camper, now you let go of sprint and hit shoot, then wait for a few seconds as you are killed. More than 0,5 second improvement to running speed would start favoring run and gun style that youre wetting your pants over and nobody wants that. I said that in the post.
This is a very specific problem that im givin an very precise solution to.

Also low weight is well balanced against heavy because you either get more utility such as nades etc or just a really nice gun. Oh and the armor helps against low caliber and non ap rounds as well as some explosives from a range. I play both styles.

Low weight players are only a problem for people who extremely low reaction speeds and rubbish awareness. I have happily shot hundreds if not thousands "run and gunners."

This was well balanced in the original and day of infamy. I have over 2000 hours in all games combined. The devs should match the shoot times from their previous games.

Im repeating this one more time so maybe you understand: No one is asking for run and gun.

0,5 s faster draw time is a lot. It will make it more viable to do run and gunning..


The reality of the situation is that you don't react to campers, you proactively deal with them by not sprinting through areas you haven't identified as clear..

This is as simple as taking kit like smoke or flashbangs to deal with campers you know exist, prefiring corners, letting other people run through first (so the camper can expose themself when they kill your teammate), or carefully listening for movement sounds and reloads.

If you sprint around a corner into the face of someone already waiting with their sights up pointed directly at you, you dun fucked up. This isn't a game mechanic restricting you, this is you picking the absolute worst time to sprint.

Unfortunately, a faster ready time for light armor would make an already strong light-weight meta even stronger due to bonuses to weapon handling. It essentially counters intelligent defense by making the punishment for bad positioning much less severe on a meta that is already supposed to get their advantage via faster positioning.

Finally, if this is an issue for you in CQB, then there are options that exist for you: Take a laser pointer. Insurgency is nice specifically in the sense that your hipfire bullets go where you want them. There's no absurd cone. Learn to point-shoot so that you don't have to worry about aiming in a pinch as a result of your bad positioning, and save time. You'll still probably be screwed if your opponent is already aiming at you, but careful hipfire has saved my bacon before.

Sprint to get to position or cover faster, and walk when you're near areas that haven't been covered, not the other way around you goof.

Wtf why is no one reading what i say?


We are reading what you're saying.

You want a faster ready speed out of sprinting for light-weight loadouts.

You're trying to tell us that a suggestion that makes a powerful high-mobility meta even more powerful and less punishing for bad positioning won't backfire and just simply lead to more run and gun.

Light weight already gets bonuses to their ADS times, top speed, the duration they can stay at top speed, and how fast their stamina regenerates. They don't need another advantage.

Your issue is bad positioning. You got shot by someone playing defensively and waiting you out.

I already detailed what your solutions are to flush them out, but the reality of the situation is that you got shot running before you got to start gunning, or we wouldn't even be on this thread. The fact that you're trying to pass it off as anything else and insinuating that we can't read is both disingenuous and downright asinine.

Stop running at bad times and git gud.

Well i said this is a rare occurance and that i most of the time... im not gonna repeat that again.

Yall seriously cant read or dont understand english.

You are repeatedly telling me to do what i say im doing and saying that i want run and gun when i dont.
You think that slightly lowering draw time to hipfire would somehow make people instakill others from sprint.

And the fact that you tell me to git gud even though havent even seen me play confirms that your iq below 80.
There u got it personal now, u like it eh?

In fact YOU should git gud, since you have a problem shooting sprinting people from your hyper tactical pie-slicing pose.

I tought this forum was better than the retard fest that is steam forums but that theory just fell apart.
Im just gonna stop replying (and reading replies) to this now since writing stuff for illiterate people is kinda pointless.

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You specifically used the formulation draw time and 0,5s faster, and I pointed out that 0,5s is a lot.

Let me clearify this in a polite manner good sir:

The average human reaction time to visual cues is about 0,25s. 0,284s to be specific when using numbers for example from source below regarding actual clicks on a computer. This specific site does not consider age, so probably the average gamer would be lower [faster] than the average in the general population.

So in this context, 0,5s is significant.

Source human reaction time visual cues:

EDIT: If current draw time is 100% optimal or not, I have no opinion about - Have been no issue for me. I like the timing in ins2 where u could hipfire while running by holding down fire without aiming, but had to time your running if u wanted to ads.

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