Game not saving-bug

So my game has stopped saving. I haven’t been able to save in about 40 minutes. I’ve deleted some of my older files and it is still not letting me. Does anyone know how to fix this? It hasn’t done a Story Autosave, a Quick save, or an Exploration autosave in that time either.

I have the exact same issue. I am running the game as an administrator and my WINDOWS DEFENDER is turned off.
I had saving problem when i started the game then after one day the porblem has fixed himself and now after 10 hrs of playing it came back and i cant save again.

Hello @wanderlust14
Sorry for the inconvenience. When did it start affecting your save? Where you already on Teer Fradee?
I am assuming you're a PC player, is that correct?


I am a PC player, first i had saving problems in the begining of the game right after creating a character - after one day they were gone. Now i am on Teer Fradee, i played the game for about 10 hrs and saving issue came back.

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