HUMMER talk.

Howdy all, I made this topic just so we could discuss HUMMERs, so let's just keep this all calm, and please, have something to back any statement you make. Also, while wandering off topic is not preferred, you can if you wish.

Back in the early days of the civilian humvee, one of the big 4x4 magazines did a stock 4x4 shootout. The winner that year was a toyota tacoma, as the humvee rolled during one of the trials. No links available, have to take my word for it or visit the library archives...

That said, I do like the original humvee, as it had some unique features. Most 4x4 trucks are body-on-frame with solid rear axles, as are the h2 and h3. The humvee however has four wheel independent suspension. Though I find the unimog with it's portal axles to be more interesting, The h2 and h3 are mechanically similar to the yukon and canyon, and that style of truck is already over represented in game.

I'm not going to dispute the value of a body on frame 4x4 with solid axles (or at least solid rear), but I'm also not going to dispute that the h2 and h3 are both examples of pre-existing GM trucks made ugly.

@grubdumpling what do you mean by "overepusented" might I ask? Last I checked there are no scouts made past '92 (unless that Russian scout is younger than it looks), and further more there are, to my remembrance, no ifs solid rear axled vehicles, I think something like the h3t would make an interesting vehicle for the game, chances are it would be the fastest vehicle in the game if it is an alpha, and would only be rivaled by the H1(most likely being better than, thanks to its better fuel efficiency and smaller size) in the scout role, stock for stock that is, and can also fit a 35 inch tires stock thanks to the H3s adjustable front ride hight, however could be balanced by a pricey purchase price, and above average purchase price for a lift kit to fit anything bigger than 35s (while you can fit 37s on an h3 without a lift, it would require trimming, which I doubt would be detailed in this game). I frankly have no idea how they might make the H2 work however, while it can fit 37s without lift, and chances are would tow better at speed vs the H3s, it wouldn't really have any other advantages(exept maybe as a recovery rig), unless it starts cheaper than the T. And as for that H1 rolling, what the heck was that driver doing to ROLE an H1? Basic physics nowledge alone States that rolling an h1 is a feat, ESPECAILY considering some one went sideways on a 40+° hill(that hill is now known as HUMMER hill) and didn't roll.

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All I'm trying to say is that solid axles are overrepresented. There's very little difference between one body on frame solid axle truck and another. I like the humvee because it does not have a diff that gets hung up, and the style of the vehicle itself was made to be mostly functional. It looks the way it does because it's got a pile of wacky shit going on inside. A chevy canyon wearing a hummer dress isn't an improvement over the existing humvee in terms of uniqueness and gameplay value.

I get that you love your car, you're welcome to. I'm the guy that still drives the b6a more than any other vehicle because it's interesting, and I'm always going get more excited about the oddball machinery.

@Stazco tell me how and your wish shall be granted

@grubdumpling the civilian hummers are far from rebodied GM counterparts, beefed up quite heavily for hardcore offroading, and still has ifs suspension, so you only have one diff dragging really, Best of both worlds to be frank. And imo would certainly be interesting vehicles, considering their out of the box Off road abilities would only be rivaled by the H1, and they would be better than the H1 for the more road based maps, and if you have to buy fuel (like I hope) they would be the best bang for buck, stock for stock at least. I request you move this discussion to the other thread I made specifically for HUMMERs in snowrunner, which goes by the same name.

@Sodoma I just researched your lada niva, the fact you consider it good looking over and the h3 ugly is actually disturbing, they share the same boxy shape, same general designe ques, the only difference is the h3 has large fender flairs flares to cover the tires due to increase track width, so it's looks have a lot more purpose than just an old man trying to look tough, it's an old man that is, in fact, tough (which is kinda how hummer has allways been, especially the H1). And as for youre niva being superior, it's only advantage is that it's lighter, and smaller (which is kinda a disadvantage, being that it's all most taller than it is wide, which increases your chances of rolling, obviously), I'll admit it's a cool little car, but it's breakover angle is certainly a pain to find, so judging by pictures, it's breakover angle for the wagon (The fairest version to compare to the H3) looks like it's in the teens, and it's wheelbase is only 3 inches shorter than the H3. The 2dr niva is pretty interesting, kinda reminds me of an H3 without fender flairs and a new grille, to bad America doesn't get it, I could give it a real frame, GM drivetrain, flair the fenders, do a few more hummer designe bits to it and call it an H4 replica.

All hummer talk has now lost all meaning.

lets not argue that lada makes beast of machinery.. and very sexy looking ones at that, hummer what?

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@zamal that is opinion more than anything, and has what to do with your original comment that the H2 and H3s are bad off road?

@okigojuryu i didn't say they were bad offroad but from what i heard and seen Niva is much more capable overall. Iv no idea what is good or bad personally, that aint my field of knowledge, but from pure observational stand point h1 is my get go scout, h2 and 3 look horrible af basic SUV type that belongs on tarmac alongside with low-riders

but hey.. Its just my opinion

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hey iv kinda changed my opinion H2 looks kinda fine if we put some rust on its body, but not h3 please... it looses all its beefy original look which is what makes hummer cool looking in the first place

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