September 13 Hotfix

Hello all.

We released a hotfix ahead of the weekend to address some undesired results we’ve seen with the new PvP queues that have been rolled out with the new playlist system. In particular, we’ve noticed that the Point Capture playlist has not been well received, and as a result those who like Firefight or Skirmish modes have been unable to play on official servers supporting these modes. Because of this, we’ve decided to update the playlists to be game mode specific rather than going with the previous ‘playstyle grouping’ approach. This should allow people to more clearly identify the mode they want to play, and hopefully result in a better distribution of players throughout all of the different modes. One of the strengths of the new system is our ability to modify the playlist queues relatively on-the-fly based on results and community feedback like we’re doing today. We will continue to monitor results and feedback, refining the playlists over time accordingly.

User Experience

  • “Ground Battle” & “Point Capture” combined playlists found under Versus in the Play menu have now been replaced with the following individual PvP mode playlists based on community feedback:
    • Push
    • Firefight
    • Frontline
    • Skirmish