Bug on Hillside Push as insurgent

Jumped through this window I definitely wasn't supposed to. Not a huge advantage, but then again not something I should have been able to do.

Youtube Video

Not sure if you can tell where this is but it's on Hillside / Push as insurgent, to the right of spawn before the road just in front of the bus. It's nothing special but certainly something fixable and something that's not supposed to happen. Thanks!


Hey @Stormwarrior,

Thanks for the video. I'll pass it on to the team, so they can look into it!

For future reference should you encounter a level design issue like this:

  • go to Game Settings
  • scroll down to Debug Overlays
  • enable Location overlay
  • go back in game and take a screenshot using F12 (requires Steam Overlay to be enabled, which it is by default)
  • the upload the picture and post link to it here or locate the screenshot on your harddrive and submit it directly into here

Screenshot of map overview (tactical map) will also help locating this spot.

Thanks !