Problems adding Vasco to team bug

Has anyone else having problems getting Vasco back into team. I’ve been playing for awhile when I was in the coin arena in new serene playing with Vasco and Siora in my team when all of a sudden it removed all my companions. Went back to campfire to add them back in and only lets me add Siora and kurt and not Vasco (he just has a red lock by his name)

The most frustrating thing is I had accepted his companion mission to find his brother and now won’t let me complete it or undertake Sioras rescuing the queen mission either

The red lock appears because the game only allows two members in the team.

To put Vasco back, you need to remove a team member (no worries, you can put them back later). When you remove a limb, the red lock will disappear, so you can put Vasco.