New Game Plus.

Hi,I have finished the main story as well as all the side quests and now there is nothing left to do. I would like to play through the game again but I want to continue my leveling on my character. Is it possible to get a new game Plus feature in the game like they did in far cry 5. You got to keep your weapons and perks but the story was reset. Let us know.

I think you inadvertently posted in the wrong forum.

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You are currently in the Insurgency Sandstrom Forum. If you are asking this about GreedFall, would you mind posting over there:
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Clearly he spilled over from the alternative universe where NWI actually managed to somehow pull off a single player story campaign.

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Just go play ARMA if you want something similar campaign wise, probably a better fit for a campaign.

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@cxmplex You misunderstand me, I understand completely why the decision was made to cut it (as much as I would've love to have seen it), just poking some fun.