the headless warrior

something we encountered on coop last night, it wasnt a 1 client specific issue either we all could see this ingame

coincidently the truck screenshot had someone in the background lol this isnt a shrunken head phenomenon

notice no gun but just attachments being visible too



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and the hit model was also "deformed", we couldn't frienly fire him at all.
After a bot shot the mate, the correct playermodel with head appeared on the ground. After he respawned, he was headless again...

was absolute hilarious! 🤣

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Hey @lt_delay,

Thanks for the screenshots! Can you give us your in-game video settings?

@chaton the screens are from b4ndo...

here is one if mine, te mate is holding the knife instead the of the gun in b4ndos screens...
the settings are the same as in this thread:

we have to ask the mate what his exact loadout was, we don't know that either...


while that happened, I've seen this on my server. The trail was there for around 30seconds...


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@lt_delay oh I saw it! Thanks for the heads up mate!

@chaton I've got some additional info from the mate...

Picture +light Vest, heavy carrier and gas mask

blue eyes
light skin tone
left arm tattoo beta
right arm tattoo dead woods
voice operative
facewear two hole black
no eye wear
fingerless cloth dark grey
torso winter white "white/black
white cargo pants
withe sneakers "white/black
vest black
light/heavy backpack black


it happened again and it was seen by everybody on the server.
it started after spawning for Golf.
I have the server log if you like, maybe with the timestamp of the screenshots you can find something?

my engine.ini, cause you asked in the other thread for it...




today was the first time I messed around with the Boost settings. Don't think that they are the cause, but i will remove them now...

edit: I have a huge packet loss there... 🤔
edit2: i forgot, i was told by a 3rd mate, that when b4ndo went headless, I was falling through the floor...




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