Very minor localization bugs (GER)

Hey there, I know this isn't as pressing as most of the other stuff, but thought this was worth mentioning anyways 🙂
So the most noticable ones were probably
1.) When talking to Eseld, the "a Sír" was actually translated as "eine Sír" / "une Sír" in French when contextually, I think it's implied "a Sír" means 'my sister' ..?
2.) In the epilogue with a romanced Vasco, it says "seiner Liebsten" - which would refer to a female De Sardet- even though the player's De Sardet is male
3.) Sometimes, Mev's title was spelled "tierna hach" and other times "tierna haj". 🙂

As I said, pretty minor stuff, but maybe something to look at again for your localization providers! 😃

Hey @VascoDaGamer
Thanks a bunch for reporting this! I will send it to our team!
I am really grateful for your recap, thanks a lot! It will help us fix those mistakes. Have a great one!

No problem at all, happy to help! What an amazing game and wonderful community management! 🙂