Add Option to turn off camera shake

I hope they will add an option which can turn off camera shake whenever the character runs. Its nauseating

Hello @ranj30
I am really sorry about motion sickness. This has been requested a lot and we are aware of the camera shake bothering a lot of players.
I will add your complaint to the others and send it to our dev team. I can't assure anything yet but I will notify them that it's extremely important for numerous players.

Thank you very much. Im currently not playing it, gonna wait for the update so i can truly enjoy the game. Hope it will be out soon... Excited to play this

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Hello @ranj30
Our new patch is out on PC! It's going to be available on both PS4 and Xbox One really soon!
This patch fixed this issue and aims to give way more control over the camera to the player. I hope you will be able to truly enjoy the game 🙂 keep me updated!