Is there something that can be done about people leaving when they lose?


This is kind of a big problem with the game at the moment. Whenever people lose, they just start leaving the game and look for a next one. I am somewhat guilty of this myself since I tilt rather easily, but after noticing how hard the match starts to suck when people leave, I stopped doing this.

This is not a rare occurance, and together with a perhaps slightly broken matchmaking, that can't fill a game entirely, the game is just bad, because it simply doesn't work with such few players.
Is there something to be done about this?
I can think of two things on the spot:
Number one, putting people that leave early into the same game they disconnected from in the first place, without fail. Maybe this is a bad idea, because it could make really lame people stop from playing the game altogether. I have to give people the benefit of the doubt though, and hope that this doesn't happen.
Number two, putting maybe an XP penalty in place that prevents you from earning XP in the next few matches? Maybe three would be appropriate?
I just hope that if you are a player like me, that tilts easily, you can maybe consider not leaving the match when you are losing, even though it's not your fault. You can't win them all. There is a so called 40/40/20 rule in games; You win 40% of them no matter what, you lose 40% no matter what, but the remaning 20% are all you.
I know that mathematically this doesn't apply to this game but the principle is the same. You can't win them all.

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When I played on community server I always join weaker team in such situations.
But on official server you can't join another team. Why, NWI, why?
I can't stop thinking devs spoil our games on purpose.

Some sort of autobalancing is absolutely necessary, as far as I know that's not in the game right now. Also penalties for quitters.

Just played a 4 vs 14 with this new garbage system they have in place. This game is riddled with rage quitting wussies and this system doesn't allow for it.

While I had better success in Push/Frontline, Firefight is especially getting the nasty end of the stick here. Low amounts of players matchmaking and often it is a shoot out of 5 vs 3, or similar numerical odds. Not particularly fun when you'd like to try to practice for competitive.

Hello everyone,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. We appreciate it. I'll pass this thread on to the team!