Steam Authentication Error fix

Recently I began experiencing a error where I could not join a game, with an initial error, then a Steam Authentication error.
Note here that I don't remember the original error, though what I did is easy to follow, and easy to fix.
What I had done to cause this error was in sum:

  • My Steam and Insurgency files and folder are saved to a second HDD

  • I reformatted my Windows 10 installation, without keeping any old files

  • I successfully booted both Steam and I:SS

  • Joining a server creates the error.

What I did to fix it was reinstall Steam entirely. It was reinstalled directly over the old directory.
This immediately fixed the problem.
I had also tried the flushconfig fix, this did not work.
Good luck!

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Hello @T3L3PATH,

Thanks for sharing this information here. We're happy that this issue has been solved!