Auto-exposure : Dark maps

Hi !

Just reporting a bug that's been around for very long, and wasn't fixed even though I recall reading something about it in a changelog.
The maps have this auto-exposure thing that makes them really dark. One can counter it by facing the right direction (depending on the map) and pausing/resuming the game real quick.

Would be better if auto-exposure wasn't even a thing, I guess. Wouldn't it ?

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I just look down and hit escape twice. The bug has been here since beta. Don't hold your breath on them fixing it.

Yeah... Still needs to be fixed. It's really annoying... Becoming blind like an old person, except the process takes seconds to minutes instead of years.

hey @Grumf,

Thanks for pointing this out. Does this happen on every level or some specific ones?


Every level. It's related to FCameraExposureSettings & ULightComponent. Would have to see the implementation to really know what's causing it to be stuck, but yeah.

FYI, guys, this can be fixed via lowering your post-process settings.

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Auto-exposure levels are tied to lighting scenario themselves so it needs to be adjusted per level.
Do you happen to have any screenshots showcasing this, so I can pass them on to the team?


Yes, they are, which is why I mentioned the lighting component. However, this is most apparent on summit (pretty much any building) and hideout. I however don't get this issue with post process set to low, as well as shadows let to low 512x512.

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@chaton I do not have screenshots to provide, unfortunately, but I'll make some next time I play. It happens in every level. You can actually manually trigger it by facing different directions, pressing escape two times to pause/resume the game.

Depending on the direction you are facing, exposure will either get bright and clear, or really dark. Or anything in between. It all depends on where you look.

@cxmplex I'm playing with post-process set to low, and still get that issue on every map, every session.

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@chaton There. I can't really play tonight, but I've launched the game anyway just to make comparison captures on Hillside, since it's the new map. This map suffers less from this problem than the others, though...

All I did was press "escape" two times. One time facing the spawning area, one time facing point A. took a screenshot of the same place (swpaning area) after each time.

alt text
alt text

While not the most outstanding, you can still tell the difference of lighting between the two images.

@chaton this seems to be the same issue I'm reporting here...

I can reproduce this like Grumf did.
Load into a map, get off the truck, take screen, Esc to menu, Esc back to game, screenshot and when you compare the screens, you'll see a difference in brightness/lights...
I tried this just now on Summit, Crossing, Hillside, Precinct...


Yeah it looks like the same issue! Thanks you all for the screenshots! I'll pass them on to the team!

@chaton Hey ! Here are two new screen captures I think you may find interesting. They're much more representative of the issue.

Before resetting exposure using the "press escape" trick :
alt text

After using said trick :
alt text

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