Did they not say this wouldn't be a walking/loading screen simulator? The blood prince quest is a perfect example..
Run to forest speak to native, load all the back to serene and run all through the palace to de colin, go to archives, go speak to old governor, back to de cilion. Load back to forest go to mine, load back to serene, run through God awful palace to de colin again go to archives AGAIN to find property deeds, go to port, back to de cilion FOR THE THIRD TIME then dont worry people BACK TO THE MINE AGAIN, once you have papers evicting the guy from the island you have to chase them out either way? Why would you have to go do all that when you've just legally chucked him off the island? .nice quest design spiders, really you put some effort into filling the games hours out with complete bs

And the icing to top it off for this rpg with 0 immersion. If you look down at the mine after you 'save' the natives you can clearly see them and the guard still working away as if all work in the mine hasn't been stopped since I killed their master. Yet I go back to a clan leader telling him he's been arrested. Like wow was there any communication between departments here or what.

Where is the effort in development. Said it once already this pure laziness to fill the game up.
Literally the only good play in this game is exploration of the areas out the way of main and side quest walking and talking simulators..

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