Here is the state of the match queue at 11h45am from Europe (see the picture attached).insurgency.jpg I won't talk about that. The picture tells us everything obviously.

I can talk about my experience just before this picture was taken: I choose the "Ground Battle" queue (the most and only one populated) and enter a match.
We started at 11 on defense against 10 maybe on offense. By the end of the first round the offense team was reduced to 5 guys.
We switch side and start the 2nd round: We win by default because everybody left on the other team... everybody!!!

First time I witness that in plain day.
You have a very serious problem on your hand. On my side, as a player, I can tell you that I don't like those new changes for several reasons, both old and new ones:

The new problems (for me) are:

  • Player count visible on playlist: It discourage player to choose playlist with low population count. Get rid of it.
  • Frontline mod is "meh" because it works only with a well communicating team (as in "experienced team"). Matchmaking never reflect that.
  • Playlist: Force mod upon users is a bad idea. If you think too much mods will split the player base among too many mods (and you are right I think), just change the minimum number of player to start a match: It brings me to the old problems now.

Old problems agravating the situation with the new patch:

  • Match starting with 6 players: It sucks. With 6 players (3 vs 3) it's not a match it's a waiting mini-game. It's fine if you restart the match when enough player makes it to the server. Right now we just drop in half way into a match with a weird ambiance: is this a fresh starting server ? Or a match where everybody quit already ? Who knows? Anyway I will just be bored until at least 10 more players comes.
    There is a reason why most other fps starts match with a higher player count.
  • Balance the experience of each team as best as possible: Player lvl is not reflecting how good a player is. But still, a fresh newbie with a lvl under 15 is 95% of a time no match for an experienced player with lvl 30 and above. Stop making teams of fresh newbies against veteran one. The new players don't learn (nobody talk or communicate) and it's not really fun for the experienced one. Try to balance a bit those aspects and mix the newbie with veterans.
  • Gives us defaults tags as a squadron maybe ? (alpha-2,beta squad, etc...) Something to call each other easily on coms. Why? Because we don't all speak and write the same language. For some it's difficult to read mandarin or arabic for example. Others just use stupid pseudo (like "12336534" or ";-)$^ùù"). It's fun but ultimately when we have to call one of those we can't do it properly because it's unpronounceable. Default call sign on the roster would help for that and for organisation ("squad alpha follow me here" "squad beta stay on obj", etc)

Just my two cents. Good luck NWI. Hope you will fix this situation.

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