Literally cannot continue the game, when is this bug going to be fixed?

I am still stuck here and unable to continue.

It's hard to tell what bug you mean when you're being so vague. Give some more details and maybe someone will have a work around. A lot of people on the official discord are getting stuck on a trial of water and thinking it's a bug but it isn't and I've been able to help them as an example.

Edit: I checked your post history and ok that sucks that you are stuck I feel for you but at the same time it's only been a day or so since you were reporting it I don't think it's reasonable to demand a fix within that time frame. I do hope that it gets rolled out soon for you though 😀

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@GregM85 how have you helped them, I am stuck on trial of waters because the prince's secret quest never got triggered, please share if you know a fix, if not here I have made a post in the off topic section about my issue

@DeGotfucked how did your name get approved? Lol

Same issue, I really hope I dknt have to start over

@aceof1986 I’m with you, I’ve seen you’re post an I’ve also run into this problem of being stuck on the quest to get a council members sigil, I love this game to its so fun, I can’t remember the last time I sank hours into a game like this, An to the other dude who was saying you have helped people with this issue, could you elaborate? Cause I really wanna get back to playing this awesome game

I have this same issue. The Prince's Secret quest did not pop, and thus completely stuck at the Trial of Water. Figure I'd give them until Wednesday to at least respond about it before I request a refund.