I desperately hope a dev see's this and brings it up, but currently playing on mouse and keyboard is fine.
It could be a bit better though (:

Toggle sprint - All you do is run in this game, it really is Greedfall - Run Simulator and Im going to wear my shift key out by the end of it
Keybind for dodge / rolling that is separate to double tap the sprint key. I don't ~want~ to be annoyed at anyone personally for this because that isn't fair, but I am annoyed at someone for making this decision 😂
Making mouse keys 4 and 5 useable, because its 2019 not 2009 😋 😄

At 32 ish hours in I am really really enjoying this game, a lot. If anyone who was involved in the making of this game see's this, you should be proud. But please, please at least think about the above. Please. Thanks.

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