Seems we have a new XP bug

I was just in a game where i suddenly noticed i recevied 100 plus levels, and then i noticed the next game i joined. I saw people over level 1000. Though seems as if it acted as only one level up as i only got one item. This should probably get addressed if possible.

I just posted my personal promotion ...

Got the same bug.End of the match got .15 million exp but i just reward of an 1 level

Yes i have XP bug too, i was AFK on the menu with 94 rank when i came back i was rank 336...

when I look the replay menu you can see that I'm "live" on a server that I left 2h30 ago.

Hello all,

Thanks for pointing this out! This should have been fixed, and the team is looking into a solution for rolling back the accounts that were affected by it.

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