Give back 2x scope on Marksman class!

Some of us enjoy different playstyles and dont want to be the virgin camping sniper at the back of the map. For a fast-paced tactical shooter we need fast-paced tactical 2x scopes on our rifles. We want them back, please :)))))
While we are at it, Id like to mention the customization preset save bug, where you cant modify an already existing preset and then save the changes - you have to make a new preset for any change to be saved.

P.S. Im betting two eggs that this post will be ignored, like I said in the discord.

2x scope on your rifles? Don't wanna be the virgin camper?

Don't hog the Marksman class then

I'm not "hogging" the class. I'm killing enemies and supporting the team. And I will continue to play agressivly with the marksman despite the lack of good optics available - I'll just use the iron sights.

i use 2x scopes on everything so i can't play marksman any more

Considering any scope magnification can be used in a "Sniper role" in this game, I find it kind of silly they would remove something like this that really comes down to player preference. Have definitely seen plenty of efficient snipers with 2x's in long-range engagements working just fine. (Unless they actually secretly changed it for balance reasons, that I could understand).

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There's other choices if you want to use a 2x. No need to go sniper at all in this game as 2x on any weapon is just fine for sniping.

Marksman class should be for those who want a good level of magnification anyway.
If you want 2x sights, just focus on commander/observer/rifleman/advisor roles. They all have access to good battle rifles or marksman rifles (FAL/G3/M14/SVD) that can do the job pretty damn well.

Leave the marksman class for those who really like to support the team from far away.

Also, @MaxedOutMelon , you can modify loadouts presets. Just choose the loadout you want to change, make modifications, and save it using the exact same name. The game will tell you that a preset already has that name, and ask you if you want to erase it. Click on "OK". Easy.

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@Grave said in Give back 2x scope on Marksman class!:

nope, idiotic change

I don't think nope is going to convince anyone to agree with you. If you use 2x why do you need sniper class? Can you explain it?

@Grumf Didn't know that you can overwrite them, but that's almost the same as making a new one. I am guessing it's not a huge issue to require much attention just seemed a bit off for me.

As for the 2x on marksman...
If I had a coin for every person who told me to use a different class, I'd pay the developers to implement the scope again.

I want it on th sniper class for a reason. 2x has better reticle IMO that the 4x, it allows me to snipe from a distance or even get close (like I prefer doing) without being too zoomed to throw off my aim. I also enjoy using it on the Bolt action rifles, which, for those who keep saying "use another class" ARE ONLY marksman...
2x is a jack of all trades, which brings to more exciting gameplay.
The "Marksman is for long range" is not even a valid argument because guess what: You can snipe with a 2x as well...

@MaxedOutMelon Well... Sorry to tell you that, but you're hogging the class... A bolt rifle is good, but an SVD is basically a semi-automatic Mosin. Want to play agressively ? Choose a class that really fits that role. Because of you, the guys that want to stay a bit behind by using a 4x/7x scope (those you very maturely call "virgin campers") are forced to use a class that's limited to 4x and a weapon that's not as good at very long range as the bolt-action rifles.

2x is a jack of all trades, bolt-action rifles are not. Don't hog a class you clearly don't need.

@Grumf wow what a crime, to play a class differently...if you want to play SVD go play advisor. Bolt action is good enough for everything if you know how to use it, and with a 2x scope it's perfect for everything.
There are plenty of guns like the G3 that can one shot from afar and you can play with those precious 4x scopes if you so much want to snipe with a semi-automatic. If someone wants to be the virgin camper, they will find a way to stay back, just like I'm forced to play bolt actions on iron sights.

@Grumf Bro what even is your argument. Let me dissect what you've just said. "If you have a 2x, then you will take away, someone's precious 1 of 20 camping weapons" and just because they want to play 4x bolt, doesn't mean that other people don't want to play bolt a bit more up close. Also that's why it's called a "marksman" instead of "sniper". To be honest chances are, even if you play the worst 4x weapon you can pick, you'll still 1 shot 90% of the players and ruin their gaming experience.
What you are saying is not logical at all

@MaxedOutMelon I personally don't use sniper rifles that much. I'm talking about everyone else but myself here... You, on the other hand, only defend your personal pleasure at hogging a class that you could leave to anyone else without consequences. Am I mad that 2x scopes for Marksman role are gone ? No. Would I be mad if they were to return ? Also no...

You admited that you could use other weapons to snipe. Now you just need to use them. Or just keep using iron sights, and stop whining. There's a reason so many people told you to change class. It's because you selfishly use Marksman when you could use any other class with a 2x scope for the exact same result.

The Marksman is the only class to get 7x scopes. Stop. Hogging. The. Class. Or at least stop complaining when a sniper class gets more "sniping" oriented.

@Grumf yes, I admitted that there are other weapons to snipe with - for the people that want to snipe. I don't. It's fast paced tactical shooter, it's what I signed up for. The class didn't get more sniper oriented but it can and will be used at close range.

I DO defend my personal pleasure because when players a game, you're supposed to have fun. And the 2x scopes were fun for everyone - for those who wanted to use them, and for those who ignored them. Literally no good has been done by removing the 2x, only that some of us are annoyed.

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all these bashin bout, and here i am with level progress kept resetting.
man, f*** this game aight!

@MaxedOutMelon You don't like to snipe, yet you're using a sniper class. You're hogging the class. Why can't you just admit it ?... If you like fast paced action, stop monopolizing the marksman class and become a rifleman. Get your 2x scope and stop complaining. Let other people enjoy that class too, and how it should be played. Your selfishness and "personal pleasure" is getting in the way of other people's pleasure because of you acting like a child, calling those who use snipers correctly "camping virgins" and using rifles made to kill from far away at short range combat.

Grow up, dude... That's kinda sad...

@Pisces I'm saying that if he only wants to play agressively with a 2x scope, then other classes do that well. No need for him to selfishly hog the marksman class.

Also, here's the definition of the marksman class ingame, since you don't seem to have ever read it :
alt text

The only thing this guys does is using a bolt-action rifle at short range. The class is not meant to do that. Those who want to use the class how it should be used can't because of him monopolizing the only slot available for bolt-action 4x/7x far distance shooting. How thick can one be ?...

As @absorbbone said previously : Don't want to be the virgin camper ? Don't hog the Marksman class then. It all boils down to this.

@Grumf Since all you do is repeat one thing (go play something else, you're hogging the class) without any arguments, Ill do the same:
I want to play bolt action rifles. I have been playing bolt actions since Insurgency 2014 and I will play bolt action in Sandstorm. You CANT tell me how to play the game. Whether Im a virgin camper or an aggressive player is my personal preference and as long as it results getting kills, it is not wrong.
Literally no one has EVER told me to free their marksman class so they can camp at the back of the map.
I know its hard to understand, but just because the description says "best used for this", doesn't mean you have to use it that way.
For the record, I've also been playing a pistol only Advisor, is that "hogging" as well?

Also thanks for corrupting my thread about the scope with some useless posts about how "bad" it is to play aggressively...The objective of the thread is to gather support so the devs see its a thing players want, but because of people like yourself who dont care about it, the thread only gets cluttered with useless posts that achieve nothing...

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