This is specifically regarding solo play. And yes, sometimes that is preferable to playing online.

First, there is an issue with defending checkpoints. It's infuriating to be 90% finished with a map and to end up taking a checkpoint on your own with your three other team members already dead. You are killed while defending and then spawn 200m away from the objective. It's literally impossible to sprint 200m before the enemy takes it. It's an automatic loss. The spawn point needs to be a reasonable distance from the objective you are defending.

Second, there needs to be a way to configure game settings like bot AI, enemy numbers, and friendly numbers. Fighting a ton of enemy fighters with three of the dumbest AI team members you've ever encountered is frustrating. Let's get back to the original insurgency days with a full team at your side. That makes it feel like an actual, real life operation rather than an arcade game.

The vocalizations needs work too. Why are my American bot team members yelling in Arabic? Why do their voices sound identical to the insurgents? Hearing an Arab voice yell that they're throwing a grenade is confusing as hell since I don't know if it's my team member or the insurgents speaking in English for some reason. Let's have English speaking assaulters and Arabic speaking insurgents. Or Farsi, Dari, whatever.

One final thing would be the ability to fully use the optics I've selected. It's a little dumb to have the visual of seeing the EoTech 2x magnifier sitting behind my holo sight and only have the 2x zoom capability. There should be a key to hit the release and pop the magnifier out of the way so I'm at 1x.