Yet again is a small list of cosmetic requests for both Insurgents and Security forces.

They'll be selected both with team silhouettes and aesthetics in mind, however some may be possible to work with either team as a result of common coloration and silhouette belonging to either team. I'll go ahead and start with items that could cover either team.



  • Sniper Veil / Scrim Net Commonly worn like a shemagh as seen in the photo, however it can simply be draped instead. Used to break up a shooter's silhouette, this item is in muddy water as a result of both looking like a shemagh and usually being camouflaged. stylistically both teams have an angle to use it.
  • Hood Up There's really no need to explain this one further. Considering insurgents technically only use facewear, having a "hood up" option when using a hoodie, winter coat, or softshell would be nice. It would break silhouette a bit however.


  • Tactical Sunglasses A pair of non M-Frame or wire shades. Currently Insurgents have several options for sunglasses, however they're all wire frame or chonky plastic tourist shades. Security is also lacking in terms of eyewear.


  • Commando Jumper Sweater with origins among British military, made of wool. Has reinforced pads on the shoulder and elbows. Staple outfit piece of middle-aged farmers, mallcops, and anybody else who wants a conservative yet professional looking top to both stay warm yet not suffer a heat stroke.
  • Quarterzip Fleece Same deal as the top above, granted more modern in appearance. Can come in a variety of colors, ranging from common Insurgent colors like red, blue, green, as well as security colors like earth tones and camo.


  • Hiking Shoes A pair of more serious trainers for more serious people. Mercenaries with some cash can probably get these gucci shoes, and it's likely that contractors and advisors on the security side might wear them too. Granted, they might also look very similar to the lightweight boot.


  • Utility Glove A pair of gloves utilized by gardeners, mechanics, airsoft nerds, and military personnel on a budget. It has enough leather elements to work with insurgents, while the padding placement still gives it a military aesthetic.


  • Keffiyeh W/ Agal The Agal is a traditional headrope used to secure a keffiyeh in lieu of tying or wrapping in particular fashions. That hasn't stopped our insurgent though; It'd be a shame if police knocked on his door after he clocks out.
  • Keffiyeh Side Knot Tied by someone who isn't a weeb, wants his knot easier to reach, and wants his wrap to actually stay on his head.


  • A-Shirt / Tank Top The undershirt worn worldwide! Underneath suits, T-shirts, worn solo. Worn by the common man, lowlife criminals, business execs under a dress shirt, or just people that really dislike sleeves.
  • Shalwar A traditional garment worn by many middle-easterners...more widely recognized as being the stereotypical shirt for middle-eastern terror groups in the latter 20th century, early 21st.


  • Slacks Worn by the fathers and professors among us fighting for family or ideal; worn by the sleeper who was activated at work; worn by somebody who's going to at least die with some fashion sense. Slim pants that comes in a variety of colors such as white, gray, sand, etc.
  • Knee Pad Options Probably scavenged by motorcycle enthusiasts, construction workers, or purchased cheaply online. Worn over comfortable pants like jeans to offer some much-needed knee protection in combat.
  • Cargo Shorts Comfortable clothes for that awful desert heat. Plus we already have socks and sandals, this isn't much of a stretch.


  • Leather Slip-On Shoe A business-casual shoe, common among the older people who can't be bothered to screw with laces anymore. Incredibly comfortable when shooting from a drainage ditch.



  • Airframe Helmet Tacticool helmet manufactured by Crye. Unique appearance could be problematic.
  • High-Cut ACH Similar to the current PASGT, minus the brim, helmet cover, and ear protection. An affordable option used by professional security and volunteers alike.
  • Pakol A traditional Afghani hat; likely worn by a few volunteer fighters among security forces.
  • Commando Bandana Bandana style made popular by the soviets and their satellite states. Still seen in use among volunteers and some local forces among Security.


  • Crewneck T-Shirt T-shirt worn underneath BDU. Somebody said "screw it" today, and left their BDU top back on the truck. Sun's out, guns out!


  • Kneepad Options A solid way for those people stuck using regular BDU pants to get some knee protection.


  • UCP Enough camo is already out of place and liable to get you killed; why not include grandma's couch on the list? While I understand that the camo's color palette may risk confusing insurgents at (very) long range, I don't think this will be an issue. I think we've all got this camo associated with military by now.

This is all I got for now. Security forces actually have a decent amount of stuff that already works exclusively for them.
If you have your own suggestions for future cosmetic content, list 'em here.

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