I starting playing GreedFall yesterday and i am already blown away by it. Normally i don't stick to games mainly because i lose interest so quickly and i feel most don't live up but greedfall is everything i imaged it would be. I am blown away by how incredible this game is having been made by a small indie studio, if i hadn't have known i would have thought it was made by a major studio like bethesda, the only give away is that it has less bugs ;p.

With all the praise aside i do have a few issues that i hope can be addressed in the future

  1. Having the buy and sell menu separate forcing you to end the conversation and start it back up again is tiresome, it may not be much but those few little seconds add up and it takes you out of the game

  2. For a game that allows you to pause the game to strategize it would be wonderful if we had some control over our companions, i'm not asking for the level of dragon age, although that would be fantastic. What i'm asking for is to tell a companion how to act in combat like profiles; aggressive, defensive, stay back, get close, support, stuns stuff like that. At the bear minimum i would like to be able to give my companions potions to use

  3. Sneak kills, sneaking and attacking should do more damage and for general human grunts give an instant kill, this will give the player a more roguish feel when playing tactician

  4. This is the last thing to come to mind but also my biggest complaint about the game, the talent tree - it is frustrating getting points for this tree so infrequently it leaves me feeling that i never have my character high enough. Considering the main plot of this game is that you are a diplomat you kinda need to invest in charisma to play the game right which leaves few points to invest in other very important aspects of the game. I have a few suggestions that i think would help improve the game and leave the player feeling less frustrated

  • Give the player and additional point at the start of the game this way the player won't feel like they were born yesterday with no life experience

  • Every 6th level give an additional point

  • Lastly and this is the idea i like the most, add my to each respective tree. Most of the talents it would be very easy to add more to like charisma and lockpicking merely reduce the percent increase for each point, craftsmanship and science stagger what you can do at each level, vigor every odd number you can overcome and obstacle and every even increase to ammo capacity and hp/ magic regen, and finally intuition change where you can use it per perk or just make this perk tree worth two points. Expanding each tree this way would allow for a smoother progression, less frustrating feeling, less master of one but horrid at others, and overall be more satisfying for the player (in my opinion)

I hope my constructive criticism isn't taken harshly i just want and already amazing game even better. I look forward to updates, new games for this studio, and hopefully dlcs for this game. I also look forward to supporting all of your hard work, I hope this game does better than your wildest dreams could anticipate.

P.s. Would love to see a bow and crossbow in a dlc